Jessica is a lifelong dancer with over 15 years of award-winning competitive dancing and 10 years of experience in teaching. Her impeccable technique, precise musicality and natural style in the movements make her dancing look effortless. Jessica is also a certified Bailatino Instructor and has been working for 10 years at Danceact, the most prestigious dance school in the Baltics.

Lightness, grace, and fluidity are the most precise words to characterize the dancing style of Somer Surgit. An accomplished performer and instructor of tango, he makes this dance seem simple and sophisticated at the same time. The elegance and weightlessness of his movements are easy to take for granted because there is nothing artificial or forced about them: Somer’s dancing looks naturally perfect. Clarity and precision of instruction have won Somer profound respect as a teacher. Somer’s impeccable technique and subtlety of movement have brought him global recognition as a dancer.

Jessica and Somer have been mesmerizing the audiences since 2012. Their clarity and simple method in teaching keep the students engaged and makes them advance easily. Their students value them as intelligent, sensitive instructors who are particularly attentive to the problems they encounter in the learning process. Jessica and Somer are available for performances, private and group classes and workshops.