Dancers, choreographers, and masters of Tango Argentino, they have been a professional couple since 1998. They rapidly became one of the most recognized couples of Argentine tango of our time. Their impressive scenic interpretation and expressive capacity are received with enthusiasm in theaters and stages worldwide. They were protagonists of the most important and acclaimed in the international tango festivals of the last 15 years (in cities such as Berlin, Rome, London, Paris, Lisbon, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Montreal, new york, Dallas, Boulder, Miami, Catania, nice and others). Since 2002 they have also been principal teachers of the c.I.T.A. (Tango Argentino international congress) and the world dance championships organized by the world dance council. They teach regularly in the united states at the Fred Astaire studios as well as at several ballroom schools. Between 2003 to 2010 they were choreographers and the principal couple of the „otango“, „cincotango“ and „tanguisimo“ tango shows which were highly successful in Europe and America. Adrian and Alejandra have also shared stage events and shows with famous orchestras such as el sexteto mayor, color tango, el arranque, Los Reyes del tango, and sexteto canyengue. As teachers, they are known for their immense professionalism, technical wealth and methodology. Based in Buenos Aires, they are superb representatives of the new generation of tango dancers. Since 2012 they are judges and masters of the world festival of tango in Buenos Aires and in the USA