Michelle Lamb took her first dance steps at the age of 6 at the world renowned San Francisco School of Ballet.  Her dance experience has been broad and eclectic including touring with famous musical artists such as Liza Minelli in prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall in London and off-Broadway theaters in New York City and assisting in the choreography of the Miss Universe Pageant.  Michelle has toured the world extensively to teach and perform Argentine Tango and performed onstage with Orquesta Color Tango.  She is currently living in NY, teaching and performs with Ana Padron and Diego Blanco’s company Tango For All.

Damian Thompson has taught on 6 continents and most of the countries that are on those continents. Having been invited to perform for many national and international events in the past 8 years, Damian is a well known and popular dancer and teacher. Wherever Damian dances, there are always those that want him to return to share his technique and passion for this great dance! Damian’s style is based on years of learning from many different maestros and tango styles. The teaching is based upon an on-axis style and using the principles of technique to achieve a symbiotic relationship with both the music and his partner. How Damian differs with most teachers, is that there is one consistent principle for leading all movements throughout his dance – once learned and mastered, you will be able to break down all movements and apply this technique for an understanding and extremely effective lead and follow. Many describe Damian as a very playful, fun teacher able to teach many levels in the same class as needed. Damian teaches and conveys the basic and complex concepts in a systematic, logical fashion. As a collaborator in the teaching and development of tango, a provocateur who inspires passion in the art of dancing tango, Damian’s classes are not to be missed!